Talent development

Employee benefits

In combination with the needs of the company's strategic development, employees are trained in a systematic way to improve their basic quality.

Expanding staff development space, ensuring and improving employees' economic benefits;The main use of treatment, career and emotional retention.

  • Employee welfare

    All positions provide free pre job system training.
    Non-production system employees work 7.5 hours a day; rest 4-8 days a month; enjoy annual leave, maternity, marriage, funeral, work injury and other paid leave; enjoy state statutory leave.
    Production system employees shall take 10 days off in rotation every month and pay overtime in accordance with relevant regulations of the state when they work overtime on holidays.
    The company regularly conducts backbone assessment and has annual promotion and salary adjustment opportunities.
    All formal employees buy five kinds of insurance (endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance).
    All employees in the company have opportunities for training and promotion; the company regularly or irregularly holds a series of skills, technology, management training, management vacancies within the company will give priority to the use of internal promotion system.
    The company has three staff canteens, which can accommodate more than 1,000 employees, and can be more staff requirements to produce certain pasta and vegetarian food.
    The company provides free accommodation (four-person/six-person, independent bathroom) for staff and subsidizes the rental of flats and apartments for some of the outstanding backbones.
    The company has occupational health management departments, providing basic medical services free of charge.
    In the traditional festivals, the company will hold a large party, and there will be plenty of sweepstakes during the party.
    The Department of the company carries out the points system management, and holds regular monthly department happy meetings to commend the employees who performed well in that month (high points / great contribution), and award prizes. All employees have the opportunity to participate in the prize extraction.
    Every day, the company provides free transportation to the urban / urban transport vehicles and pick up and go to and from work.
    Special reminding
    1. the company does not charge any fees for recruitment, and if it is charged, it will be counterfeited.
    2. the company will only be interviewed at the company and school designated locations, not elsewhere.
    3. resume mailbox: yuelin.qiu@fuhuagroup.com
    4. consultation telephone: 13350508779 (WeChat number one, welcome to add WeChat consultation details)